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USDCHF low order of action can weaken

USDCHF low order of action can weaken. Friday (726 days) the European market intraday USDCHF 0.9300 remain under pressure in the bottom, but the short term under the action can be weakened in the past 12 hours or implied decline in short term is difficult to expand rebound will occur.

U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc at 0.9750 in the seven top line has shown signs of concussion after overall downward trend, the current correction is already close to 500 points. In the ongoing correction, there is a strong market in the 0.9250 top technical support, or cause short-term rebound. Days of an important resistance is seen at 0.9310, stronger resistance at 0.9390, back to 0.9390 after closing will be announced at the bottom of the formation. If further below 0.9250, it will see strong support below