Top 5 Online Forex Trading Platforms

Forex brokers seem to have popped up everywhere these days. As the Foreign Exchange market continues to grow and penetrate the popular investment psyche, so too do the number of channels with which you can trade the world’s largest financial market. Despite the numbers of Forex options available to you out there today, five of the online Forex trading platforms stand out as among the best.

1. Etoro

Etoro has much about which it can boast. In recent years, they were named the Best Active Trading Platform for 2011, The Most Innovative Platform in 2011, and the Best FX Service Provider in 2011. They also proudly offer their clients the ability to copy the trades of other more successful traders. Besides this, they provide you with a free $20 Gift Card when you sign up. After you open your account, they will give you an up to $10,000 bonus, depending on the size of your initial deposit. Etoro features charts, indicators, and live news feeds with every account. Their range of tradable investments are not merely limited to Forex, but extend to stock indices, commodities, and even individual stocks. Trades are commission free and the spreads are tight.

Top 5 Online Forex Trading Platforms

2. Plus500

Plus500 has a unique feature for prospective new clients. They are offering a Free Sign Up Bonus of $25 right now. You are able to start trading without even having to make a deposit. There is neither a download nor a deposit necessary to make trades, earn profits, and withdraw them. Their data provides live streaming real time quotes, and they allow you to trade stocks, indices, Forex, and other financial instruments. When you do actually fund your account, they provide a bonus of as much as $200. The spreads are fixed and there are no commissions.

3. InstaForex

InstaForex claims the trophy for largest Asian based platform. Their strong suit is the ability to fund your account with a dizzying number of choices, including PayPal, Wire Transfer, Liberty Reserve, Alert Pay, and Pecunix, to name just a few. They have contests where they give away new Porsche Cayennes, Lotuses, and other luxury vehicles. They also run an annual $500,000 giveaway contest. There is no limit to the size of your account or your volume and transactions. They provide over 300 different tradable symbols in Forex, futures, indices, and stocks. They guarantee instant execution and provide 24/7 consulting and technical supports. InstaForex also features as high as 1000:1 leverage, which in theory means that you can control a $1,000 position with as little as a dollar in the account.

4. NetoTrade

A supposed Netotrade scam has given this company bad publicity in the past. These accusations probably arose from the fact that they offer a 100% initial deposit bonus, which sounds too good to be true to some people, and comes with many restrictions on when and how you can withdraw it. They only require a thousand dollar account opening deposit to get started trading Forex. The company promises to teach you how to trade successfully and earn money at it. They offer to do this training in a completely risk free environment. The Neto Trade platform is user friendly and their cash transfer system is both simple to use and quick.

5. AvaTrade

AvaTrade was once called AVAFX. They pride themselves on their easy to understand and navigate around website that is specifically designed with new clients in mind. Their platform, the AvaTrader, is similarly convenient and showcasing many useful and simple to understand features. The company provides all new clients with a free demo account that comes standard with $100k in practice funds. This way, you can acclimate to AvaTrader before you put any real money on the line. AvaTrade provides new customers this service for the first 21 days.

At that time, the account must be funded by either credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, or Web Money. The good news is AvaTrade keeps it affordable with a minimum deposit of only $100. They also provide special offers and bonuses for new customers. You get to be a gold standard member with a $1,000 deposit and a platinum standard member with a $10,000 deposit to your new account.

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