The basic and paramount fundamentals of knowing how to use Forex

The foreign Exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world,  it easily generates over 4 trillion USD in transactions on a daily basis as opposed to the stock market which has a value of over 200 Billion USD in daily transactions, this stark difference should highlight just how colossal  the market is and why knowing how to trade in forex either in the long or short could potentially yield large dividends.


Possessing the right information is vital for any trader, before making any move a wise trader should carry out well-done and thorough investigations on a consistent basis. To understand the different monitary policies different countries adopt allows you to manage curency fluctuations in the best way possible. Once you know how to use forex you will have better understanding of how currencies can apreciate or depreciate in contrast to others.

After assessing which course of action be suits your goals, it’s important to know  that currencies come –for the most part- in pairs, you will need to sell one currency in order to purchase the other one with the expectation that the currency you have acquired will appreciate –rise in value- over a period of time. If you are correct in your assumption then every time the Exchange rate rises your profits will rise in synch in the case that you were to close in and sell your currencies.

However, in the opposite scenario, where the newly-acquired currencies Exchange rate depreciates in respect to your initial currency. Ultimately it means that you as a trader will experience a net loss in the transaction; Which brings us back to our intial point, if you want to know how to use forex then you will take into account how important having the right information is.


There are different mechanism and platforms you can use to trade in forex, some which allow to hedge your bets over an indefinite period of time, some platforms provide an unfixed Schedule for trading and are tax fix while others provide expert advice if you use their platform. Whatever your decision is, make sure it is in line with what you need and makes you feel at ease.

Like all equity markets, to operate in the forex market you need to set up a brokerage account, not all  accounts offer the same services so if you are unsure how to trade in forex you should investigate  the differences in these accounts before you find the right one. Choosing wisely which account suits your needs makes all the difference in the world especially when it comes to setting up the correct leverage factor for investments, how comissions and fees are distributed, and finally up to what negative percentage your account can go.


The overall size of the forex market and since the market for forein Exchange is much less regulated in contrast to other financial markets which means there will be a lot of firms offering up their services and promising large yields for your investment. If you aren’t fully familiar in how to trade in forex it is always safer to go with recognizable names, most often the dividends will not be as large as with other firms but going reputable names will prevent you from being victim to financial predators.


Practice is key if you want to be succesful, there are many programs and demos that teach you how to trade in forex, the basics of trading in pairs, how to purchase derivatives and how to carry out all the different  buying/selling orders that are available within the market should provide you with some theoretical and practical trading knowledge.  These programs may or may not work for you, but if you don’t feel ready to start trading in real money this is probably the best way to build up comfort and learn how to trade in forex.

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